NZ Hypnotherapists Registration Board Inc.

The only (independent) registration board for Clinical Hypnotherapists in New Zealand

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When choosing a Hypnotherapist ensure that you choose a NZHRB Registered Hypnotherapist.

Credibility: The NZHRB is the only independent registration board for Hypnotherapists in New Zealand.

Protection: One of the NZHRB’s main objectives is to provide protection to the public, by ensuring that all members are qualified to the Board’s exacting standards.

Leading:  The NZHRB is leading the establishment of National Hypnotherapy Standards of training and competence.

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Becoming a NZHRB Registered Hypnotherapist brings with it a responsibility to comply with the NZHRB Constitution, Rules and Ethics, and to support the NZHRB in its commitment to maintain and promote high standards of competency and professional and ethical conduct within the profession.

Wider public recognition as a hypnotherapy practitioner meeting a independent high standard of professional competency

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The use of the NZHRB logo in your marketing for greater credibility

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