Credibility – Protection – Leading

Modern social culture counts accountability and public protection in clinical and therapeutic services particularly important, whatever the therapy. These days a therapist’s credentials and qualifications are becoming increasingly important, and the question as to what makes up an acceptable basic “professional” level of Hypnotherapy training is one that is often asked.

The purpose of this register is to provide the public with a reliable, up-to-date resource when seeking a qualified hypnotherapist: a register of hypnotherapists who meet the registration requirements as set out in the NZHRB Constitution, and the management of professional competencies, on-going education, conduct issues for all Board-registered hypnotherapists.

The need for a totally independent register was recognised by the NZ Hypnotherapy Federation, the umbrella organisation for the profession, in 2002.  The NZHRB was established in June 2003.  Not only does it accredit appropriately qualified professional hypnotherapists who meet the required standards, it also continues to work toward raising standards and the continuing professionalism of hypnotherapy as a modality.  Suitably qualified practitioners are invited to apply for accreditation and inclusion on the register whether in New Zealand or overseas.

At the time the NZHRB was established there were no “national standards” of training and/or competency in place, although work was being undertaken on the Hypnotherapy Unit Standards for the NZQA for a National Hypnotherapy qualification.  This never eventuated as NZQA relinquished the natural therapies in 2006, including hypnotherapy.

Initially, the Board accepted only full/professional members from New Zealand hypnotherapy incorporated societies. Shortly afterwards it set its own minimum standards of competency for registration. It emphasises the importance for registered hypnotherapists to deliver safe hypnotherapy practices.

Recently the NZHRB initiated moves to set National Hypnotherapy Standards of training and clinical competency for the profession. All NZ Hypnotherapy Federation organisations were invited to take part.  This move has the support of the majority of those organisations.  The NZHRB is the key participant on the National Standards Advisory Group whose purpose is to facilitate agreed standards within the profession, market those standards to the public and bring about voluntary self-regulation within the profession.

The following hypnotherapy organisations (schools and incorporated societies) support these national standards are:

  • International Hypnotherapy Practitioners Society Inc.
  • NZ Association of Professional Hypnotherapists Inc.
  • Psychoanalysis Hypnotherapy of NZ Inc.
  • Alpha Hypnosis Training
  • Hypnotherapy Training College of NZ
  • NZ School of Professional Hypnotherapy

Update October 2015: 

With standards now set the process of setting up moderation and assessment protocols begins. To assist us the NZHRB is drawing on the expertise of the Hypnotherapy Council of Australia as this organisation has already gone through this process. It is hoped that within a few months we will be able to advise the names of hypnotherapy trainingschools that meet the standards.


  • To provide for the registration of professional hypnotherapists practising in New Zealand based on a minimum standards of competency, according to the registration entrance criteria.
  • To promote and encourage high standards of professional competency and ethical conduct of hypnotherapists registered by the Board.
  • To provide for disciplinary matters of NZHRB registered hypnotherapists.


The Board’s Public Role is:

  • To provide to the public a register of registered professional hypnotherapists who meets with the registration requirements as set out in the NZHRB Constitution.
  • To provide for the interests of the public by providing basic information and/or references that can enable the public to make better informed choices when seeking to experience hypnotherapy as a choice of therapeutic processes or to embark into training in this field as a career.
  • To provide a platform upon whereby the public can contact the Board with questions and/or complaints about registration and/or the professional practice of hypnotherapy.


The Board’s Role to its Register is:

  • To manage the registration of professional hypnotherapists to a high standard of professional conduct.
  • To provide to practising hypnotherapists a base in which they can be assured that fellow registered hypnotherapists meets with the minimum standards of professional competency.
  • To provide with its register a resource that hypnotherapists can refer enquiring clients to ie. when seeking for other registered hypnotherapists throughout New Zealand.
  • To stand for credibility and professionalism on behalf of registered hypnotherapists who meets with all the requirements of the NZHRB Constitution.
  • To safeguard for the continued professional standing of the Board and its registered hypnotherapists practising in New Zealand.
  • To provide for its register a national presence through its web based marketing, and in events that are in alignment with its objectives and roles.

The Board trusts that you will find the information provided herewith useful and informative. Please Contact Us if you have any further queries or comments.

For hypnotherapists wishing to become registered, please go to the Membership page for full details, and the application forms.

For members of the public wishing to know more about hypnotherapy as a programme of therapy or as a professional career, please visit the New Zealand Hypnotherapy Federation or alternatively, please Contact Us and we will endeavour to assist you in the best possible way.

The NZHRB is a member organisation of The New Zealand Hypnotherapy Federation Inc.. It does work, from time to time, with other hypnotherapy organisations on professional matters and to ensure the continued credibility and professionalism of hypnotherapy practices in New Zealand.