Assessment Criteria for Registration


NZHRB Reg Cert for BannerThe purpose is to assess the applicant for competence in Clinical Hypnotherapy.

The assessment has two (2) parts:

  1. Written Case Study with DVD Video Recording of a complete first session
  2. Interview with the NZHRB Assessment Panel

Applicants will be assessed on:

General ‘Key Competencies’:

  1. Hypnotic theory and application.
  2. Professional and ethical practice.
  3. Communication and counselling skills.
  4. Clinical hypnotherapy methods, with application of practical skills and underpinning knowledge.

Expected Outcomes:

  1. Identify the principles of professional and ethical behaviour as clinician.
  2. Using appropriate communication and counselling skills.
  3. Demonstrate a range of hypnotherapy and advanced hypnotherapy skills and techniques.
  4. Abide by a code of conduct and professional behaviour.

On receipt of membership application and payment of fees, providing all is in order, the applicant will be forwarded the current Assessment for Registration.

Applicants have three (3) months to complete the assessment. Once the completed assessment has been received the applicant will be advise of the date of the interview.