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Virtual Gastric Band  
I assist people to release unwanted weight safely and naturally with the Virtual Gastric Band programmes, by managing portion size, decreasing or eliminating snacking, and to motivate and empower to increase exercise, so weight can be reduced.

It all starts in the mind!
Creating Confident Kids
I assist parents who want what’s best for their children, to be they are happier and more relaxed, work well with others, etc.  and the best they can be.

The Creating Confident Kids programme can help build a child’s natural inate ability to improve behaviour at home, in school etc. This programme can assist with:

Building self- awareness and self confidence
Decreasing negative behaviour – at home, school and elsewhere.
Decrease or stop habits. E.g. bed wetting, nail biting, etc.
Increase more positive relationships with siblings, parents, school, etc.
Help change negative attitudes
Sleep better and well
Help deal with hyperactivity, etc.
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