How to apply to become an NZHRB Registered Hypnotherapist

Welcome to our membership application page as you consider the opportunity becoming a registered hypnotherapist with the New Zealand Hypnotherapists Registration Board Inc.

As you are probably aware from reading the About page, the NZHRB was incorporated in June 2003 with the purpose of keeping and maintaining a register of professional Hypnotherapists, and to promote and encourage a high standard of professional education, conduct and discipline among Hypnotherapists.  The NZHRB is the first (and only independent) Hypnotherapists Registration Board established to represent the hypnotherapy profession in New Zealand.

The NZHRB is represented on and is a member of the New Zealand Hypnotherapy Federation, the umbrella organisation for the profession in this country.

NOTE: To be considered for registration the applicant must have a minimum of 150 client hours.

The registration application is in four sections: (Please click on the following links to download.)


2. REQUEST FOR CLEARANCE REPORT FORM (to be completed and sent directly to the Ministry of Justice).




Becoming a Registered Hypnotherapist brings with it a responsibility to comply with the NZHRB Constitution, Rules and Ethics, and to support the NZHRB in its commitment to maintain and promote high standards of competency and conduct within hypnotherapy.

  • You receive wider public recognition as a hypnotherapy practitioner meeting high standards of professional competency.
  • Client referral service with internet marketing – the public can access a Registered Hypnotherapist in their area.
  • Your contact details listed on the NZHRB website.
  • Use of the NZHRB Logo for your marketing.
  • Save on insurance cover – Access to professional liability and public indemnity cover at a special NZHRB discount
  • NEW From 2016 – Your Profile Page on the NZHRB website, with your photo and more information about you and your business.


Step 1: Read the Constitution, Rules, and Ethics

Step 2: Complete the Application Pack

  • Ministry of Justice Clearance Report Form
  • Completed Application for Registration Form
  • Total Initial Payment $195:  This includes:
  1. One off Administration Fee: $35.
  2. One off Assessment Fee: $100.
  3. First year Annual Practicing Certification Fee: $60 (to 31st March) 

Step 3: Send in your application and total initial fee

• To avoid delays, please refer to the checklist provided to ensure that all required documentations are included.

Upon receipt of all the relevant documentation, the Executive Board will consider your application. If all is in order, your payment will be banked and the assessment will be forwarded to you. Once you have successfully completed the assessment, your NZHRB Registration Certificate and Annual Practicing Certificate will be posted to you.

Advertising is currently through the NZHRB website and Facebook page. Once registered, and as long as annual on-going training requirements are met and the annual fee paid, your name and contact details will be included in the listing of current financial Registered Hypnotherapists on the NZHRB website and given to prospective customers in your area who inquire by email.

Advertising will increase one the accreditation process for the new National Hypnotherapy Standards are implemented. Once the NZHRB has been accredited it will be able to increase its marketing to advise the general public how important accreditation is for them and how it’s even more important they chose an NZHRB registered hypnotherapist.

We look forward to receiving your application for registration, and to our continuing association… to the benefit of your business, your current and prospective clients, and the national (and international) hypnotherapy profession.